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High-end-mastering with the Tubecore mix- and mastering-compressor

Top-quality mixing and mastering

Experience makes the difference

We mix and master your audio professionally, based on years of experience, utilizing high end analogue and digital technology. Let us add to your sound, it will benefit from our dedicated mixdown and mastering.

Mastering or mixdown?

Why not both, actually? In fact, music profits more from a good mix than only from a mastering that is based on a poorly sounding mix. More detailed resolution as well as improved spatial information and punch (if necessary) are the direct positive consequences of a professional mixdown, achieved with precise control of levels, dynamics, panning and the right frequency-distribution among the single instruments and the resulting overall mix.

Creativity – as important as know-how

Optimization of sound is more than simply making everything louder. Loudness is important, sure, but don’t forget the even more relevant components of good sound. Music consists of emotions. These emotions are carved out by a good mix. The mastering is then the work step to make the music sheen and give it the necessary assertiveness.

Sound is more than the sum of its parts

A good mastering is most effective – if the basis is right. This is why we always recommend a professional mixdown. If you do not really know what you are doing, that is getting apparent in the mastering-process at the latest. And you most probably don’t want to expose those amateurish sound-problems to the listener, do you? Keep in mind, mastering should really not be used to cloak problems, but to make good music and sound even better.

OK, how to proceed now?

For mastering, simply upload your material on the mastering-page, in order to have it checked by us. We will contact you to make an offer for the mixdown, or master the track and send you a link to download the mastered version as a 60-second-excerpt. You are given an offer along with it and if everything is OK, you can pay (e.g. via PayPal). After payment, we’ll immediately send you the link to the full version.

If you would like us to mixdown the material (mastering included), you should directly use the mixdown-page, in order to upload the single recorded tracks. We’ll listen and get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.

Upload now:

Stems for mastering
Single recorded tracks mixdown

If you need more information, simply browse the site, or use the form to contact us. You can also call us: +49 2533 919474