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High-end-mastering with the Tubecore mix- and mastering-compressor


Mastering – an art and a science

Mastering is the last step on the way to a true piece of recorded art.
The mixed material is being checked by a mastering engineer, sonically optimized and brought into a format, that can be sent to the pressing plant for duplication. The most popular pre-master-formats nowadays are CD-R and DDP-image. We offer you both and if you so wish, we can even do the communication with the pressing plant, including the upload of the data.

But as well as optimizing sound alongside doing the traditional CD-premastering (including ISRC, CD-text, pq-editing etc.), we also offer our service for songs, that will be published online at iTunes and the likes. We can do the conversion into the desired target formats like MP3, AAC or FLAC with our highest quality encoding-software and will also send you the high resolution wav or aiff, in case you need them later for a CD-release.

Either way, you can upload us your material via the form below. You can also ask us for a free testmaster. But please keep in mind, that we need good quality mixes, so that we can get the most out of your music with our processing. That’s why it may be, that we first come back to you, to give you some tips on how to improve your mixes, if necessary. This is a free service from us to help making your music sound better.

We also provide some tips for sending us optimally prepared files for mastering. See this page


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