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High-end-mastering with the Tubecore mix- and mastering-compressor

Tips for uploading audio

  • Please do ONLY send uncompressed formats (wav, aif/aiff, FLAC lossless), NO MP3-files. MP3 is inappropriate for professional mastering, since it removes substantial information from the original.
  • Please leave enough empty audio at the beginning and at the end of the uploaded track. This can be achieved by setting the locators and/or start-/end-points a little bit before/after the beginning of the actual programme. Doing so prevents cutting off the beginning and/or the fade-out and the reverb at the end while rendering your file in your DAW. Please check your bounced file by listening to it regarding these problems (recommended: use a headphone and sufficient level). The files are cut clean and faded in and out at the start and the end in the mastering-process very precisely anyway, so you don’t have to do it.
  • Please do NOT preprocess the summed stereo signal! If you can’t avoid, please do this only because of artistic considerations. A good, clean mix is all we need to achieve the best results.
  • Please leave a headroom in the file. Don’t normalize or even push against 0 dBFS with a limiter. Leaving a headroom eliminates the danger of digital clipping, as well as inter-sample peaking. We will bring your material up to reference-level with good loudness in the mastering-process – without inter-sample peaks. A good rule of thumb for the level in your file is circa -12 to -6 dB dbFS.

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